CAD & Technology

All Mall Kiosks, Store Fixtures, POP Displays and Retail Merchandising Units are designed to meet mall criteria and maximize sales potential for your product. All our furniture is preassembled, pre-wired, checked and tested in our facility. We offer nationwide delivery and installation services.

Nakamura-Beeman employs state-of-the-art technology for all our kiosks and fixtures from start to finish. All materials are precision-cut using CNC technology, so you can expect quality whether you need a single reception desk or a hundred product display fixtures.

NBI can mass-produce your customized commercial furniture, create minor variations for local needs, or easily make kiosk design changes, thanks to the technology we use. We'll plan your commercial furniture using Computer Assisted Design (CAD), ensuring that the finished product will be true to the original concept.

NBI carries out every phase of production in-house. We work with wood, plastic laminate, glass, metal, solid surface materials, marble, and granite. The skilled craftsmen in our finishing shop have extensive experience working in hardwood, wood veneers, and painted finishes.

We can build virtually any kind of customized commercial furniture or commercial fixtures, including mall kiosks, retail merchandising units, store fixtures, commercial cabinetry, product displays, sales counters, reception desks, conference tables, themed environments, corporate furniture, office furniture, or designer furniture.

NBI has over 30 years of experience, and can handle large-scale rollouts and simultaneous deliveries. When you need the highest care and quality, delivered on-time and within your budget, contact us for a free quote.