Furniture FAQ

From delivery of cabinets on our own fleet of vehicles, to hand-over of the completed project, our contract managers will oversee an efficient installation, with the minimum disruption to the client.
Growing vigorously since its inception, N.B.I. has firmly established itself as a preferred supplier of contract store fixtures to many of the most discerning high profile companies.

Our client list bears witness to our continual commitment to improve and upgrade our products, in keeping with the constant changes demanded by new technology and ever increasing competition.

We ensure that all installations are carried out with a minimum of inconvenience to both your company and your staff. The range of furniture illustrated throughout this site represents a small selection of the extensive range of products available through N.B.I.

I need over 100 Retail Merchandising Units. Can NBI ensure they'll be exactly the same?
Your RMUs or other commercial furniture will be built using CAD technology, and all components are precision-tooled in-house using cutting heads guided by Computer Numerical Control. Every task, down to the wiring, finishing, and graphics, will meet your exact specifications. To learn about other ways Nakamura-Beeman can help implement your plans, call or contact us by email.

Can NBI rollout my mall kiosks in different locations nationwide on the same day?
Absolutely. We have extensive experience in simultaneous deliveries, and we've worked with many large, high-profile clients over the years. Be sure and ask us about our large-scale rollout and mass-production capabilities.

I have an unusual design idea for my Mall Kiosk. Can you build it?
Your business is unique, and your mall kiosk should reflect this. While every mall has their own criteria for mall kiosk design, we've got 25 years of experience finding the best solution that meets these criteria while fulfilling your vision. All our work is customized, and we'll provide detailed plans for your approval before we make a single cut. Come talk to us, and we'll build your business.

How long will it take for you to complete my Customized Store Fixtures?
We can save you a considerable amount of time in many cases. While the actual construction, delivery, and installation of your store fixtures will usually take about a week, you'll often need special permits from your city or local government. The entire process can take from four to six weeks.

The good news is that when we submit your design plans directly to the local mall and government, we often know exactly what their concerns will be. Nakamura-Beeman has 25 years of experience. We've been through the process many times.

In some special cases, we can expedite your approval and save a significant amount of time. In almost every situation, we can make things go more smoothly than if you tried doing it yourself.

Be sure and ask us about how we can meet your time constraints and other special needs.

Are there any hidden costs when NBI builds my Mall Kiosks?
The price we quote you at the beginning of the process is firm. You won't need to pay us any more unless you make changes in the project.

Sometimes you may incur additional costs to meet the mall requirements. However, we work closely with malls to help you avoid these costs, and we have 25 years of experience.

Be sure to review our Checklist for First-Time Mall Kiosk Buyers. And remember, when you contact us, we'll give you a free consultation to make sure your plans fit within the mall and city requirements.

How will local laws and mall regulations affect the construction of my Mall Kiosks?
Every mall has its own rules. We are very familiar with the specific requirements of most malls, and we'll make sure your design fits the criteria. We submit all designs to the mall and to the city for approval before we begin production.

Be sure to review our Checklist for First-Time Mall Kiosk Buyers. And remember, when you contact us, we'll give you a free consultation to make sure your plans fit within the mall and city requirements.

What happens if I need to make changes after you've started production?
At Nakamura-Beeman we offer you a lot of flexibility.

For mall kiosks or other items not yet in production, the design can be quickly modified on the computer, subject to the restrictions of state and local laws. Generally, we can make small changes to existing fixtures at a relatively modest cost. This is one of the advantages you get from working with a company that does everything in-house.

Please contact us to learn about all the other advantages Nakamura-Beeman can offer you.